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okay soooooo i was gone for about two weeks+ because my laptop took a shit but now i’m back!!

A girl cosplayed on the last day of school and she was pretty rad


Life is full of difficult decisions. 


Hey!! Please take a moment to look at this! even if you don’t have money it would really mean a lot if you could promote this!

so, I’m selling my North Italy cosplay so that I can buy a new one! The one shown in the pictures barely fits me because I’m 5’0”, tiny, and ordered the wrong size (i’m dumb). So instead of trying to mess around and ruin the uniform, I decided to sell it to someone else who might want it!

the uniform is a size small, but i’m sure it’ll probably fit someone who is over 5’6” to 5’10”.
the pants goes over my belly button but my waist size is around 5-7!
the cosplay has only been worn a few (three or four?) times and it’s pretty comfortable to walk around and run in!

note: one of the buttons on the dress shirt is missing (the cuff) ((i fell asleep in the car on the way back from a con and woke up with it missing oops)) but i can either send the uniform with an extra button to sew on or i can sew it on before shipping it out

i would prefer around 75-80 dollars (US) (maybe just 70$) (also, paypal would be preferred as well) for the uniform:

-black dress shirt
-blue jacket
-blue pants

shoot me a message with a price if you are interested in this cosplay!



welcome to the fam bby / u \